Layer Poultry Farming For Beginners

Layer Poultry Farming

Layer Poultry Farming –

Layer Chicken

Layers say that the chickens that are usually kept for 60-700 weeks for more egg production are called layers. These chickens usually give 300 eggs at least a year.

Layer’s Purpose and Importance :

1. Egg production.

2. To fulfill the requirements of Prateen and to give adequate publicity to the public.

3. Higher profits are available in low capital.

4. The employment of the people of the country is.

5. Poverty Alleviation.

6. As well as eggs, the meat is also zygone.

7. Eggs contain more vitamins than rice and milk.

8, integrated poultry and fishes do not have to be fed separately for fish. |

9, layer shit and other waste are used as good quality organic fertilizers.

10. Electricity can be saved by creating biogas with layer shit.

11. Eggs are used for various cosmetics such as shampoo, creams, appointments, oils, perfumes etc.

12. The egg yolk cow is used for semen processing.

13. Eggs are used in other shaws, including unemployed.

14, the country’s national income increases by increasing the national income for the development of profitable layer chicken farm, with proper planning, fundamental funding for the layers, selection of varieties or strains for the child, collection of cheap food, marketing of eggs at economical prices, prevention of anger etc. Must be profitable.

e main road or the crystal area. | Selection of aver Eris: The world’s famous legendary heifer leg horde breed variety of chicken eggs. Various layers of different types of chicken-strains have been created by producing more layers of strain. These chickens lay around 280 eggs in a year, and each egg weighs 60-65 grams. Good breed or strains should be kept in order to get good production.

After two / three days of artificial bleeding, one day after the childhood or any other chicken, if the child is buried under the chest of the child, then he will accept his own baby and the next day comes out of the egg. Besides, chicken poultry is given to the baby in the night after the first batch of eggs from the chicken poultry. In a normal way, native-born chickens can not observe more than 15/16 children. However, it is good to observe the native chickens in the country. The need to keep the chickens separate separately at night. Because if you keep with other chickens and chickens, they can fight each other and kill your baby

This condition is to reduce heat or brooder. Have to close.

If the kids are spreading evenly inside the chicks, and normally they will have to understand that the temperature is normal by consuming and consuming food.

Keeping Layer Chicken

Usually children are not required to eat in 24 hours of chicken born. So during this time it is easy to buy the baby and bring it to the farm from the hatchery.

After coming to the farm, it is necessary to drink pure water first. But Fesime. At the age of two days, the need to feed water at 16-20 degree temperature. Apart from this, for the first 12 hours, every liter of food is well fed with 50 grams of sugar mixed with water.

– For the first 3-4 days baby food should be given in materia paper or cottage or specially made utensils and every morning food should not be eaten with or without food. Similarly, you have to give food on paper again. Keep in mind. Do not mix the litter with the food or eat the litter.

After three to four days, food will be supplied in a specific food container instead of paper. Wood, tin, plastic, bash, earthenware can be used for the supply of children. For every 25 children 75 cm Tall, 60 cm Wide and 5 cm One of the high-calorie food pots are required.

(2) Bruding in the cage or cage:

The structure and layout of the kind should be done in such a way that the children get adequate heat, light and air. Can easily eat and drink. Do not be stuck in the floor of the brushing floor.

– First of all, for the first three days of 80 children, there is a requirement of 1 square meter area. Then at the age of 3 weeks, the number of children will be reduced to 45-50 in every square meter.

– The remaining content will be used and used as a lit method.

Grower chick rearing of layer:

Generally, chickens growing 2-4 months old are called layer-growing chickens.

– It is necessary to provide adequate balanced food to the Layer-type chicken and to care for them with care. Because, at the time of growing age, the health of Moraghi is well organized and laid adequate number of eggs at the right time.

– In the age of 16 weeks, wheat breaks 40 percent for chicken growing, 10 percent of wheat khasari, 10 percent of dry fish, 10 percent of khail. 10 percent of the intestines, 100 percent of the mussels, and 100 percent of the vegetables are prepared in food.

– Food-modulated Vitamin-Minibale for feeding 60-90 grams of food supply for every layer of chickens growing every layer. Mix is to be fed.

Generally, the layered chicken should be transferred to the egg-layered house when it is 18 weeks old.

Keeping the poultry in layers:

– Horticulture is done mainly in two types of poultry and poultry keeping.

Accommodation for Layer Chicken Selection: Generally, 4 types of housing can be selected.

1. Deep Litter Method;  2, Cage Method ; 3, Loft Method ; 4, Litter and Macha Method

The litter is used for the chicken closet to not be leaped on the floor of the house. Generally, this bed is made by rice husk, gram flour, etc., on the floor of the house by 2/3 inch thick. The bed is now made from 4 inches (10 cm) to 12 inches (30 cm) thick in the floor of the house. In English it is called Deep Litter. If using this bed.

Every day the house is not cleaned.
The house is dry and odorless.
Various types of insect insects and harmful bacteria are produced in the litter. They are converted into fermentation through the fermentation process. In addition, some fermentation of certain molds and fungus (M. Fungus) is converted into fermentation and vitamins. Chicken Eats All Foods At Acidity
Fermentation and chemical processing in the litter heat. As a result, the closet dry along with the house and the house is odorless. If you do not get agitated or worried, then the health of the chicken is better and the mortality rate is much lower.

Place on the floor of the chicken per litter: 2 square feet or 0.18 m. Meter Poultry can be used in litter system on every shelf by making multi-storied shelves in the family farm. Every shelf is 2 feet (6 cm) long after it is high 1 ft (30 cm) wood or hard wire is surrounded to hold the litter and the top 1 ft (30 cm) wire net. To surround it by.

2. Case System:

Currently, the eating habits are much more popular for growing child pletts, from 16 weeks to 18 weeks of age, to be transferred to cages. Nowadays, there are different kinds of food items available in the market.

In this method, chicken rituals, such as-

A) Care is a lot easier. When a hen is sick or unproductive It can be easily identified.

(B) With the laying of eggs, it comes out of the cage and collecting eggs is easy. The eggs produced by the cage method can be easily collected by the help of automatic machines.

(C) The eggs are clean.

(D) It is easy to choose non-productive chickens.

(E) The food is less lax.

(F) Too much chickens can be observed in a small place.

(G) Minimum wages are low.

The disadvantage of hen keeping in the cage system

(A) Cleaning up the latrines below the chicken patch is a problem.

(B) Fisheries increase.

(C) It is very bad (occasionally reduced laminate).

(D) Under the feet of the wire rubbing the bumble foot.

(E) The cost is much higher at the beginning.

The place on the floor of the chicken in the eating process

Measurement of the diet for every 3 chickens –

(A) 13th (30 cm) x 18o (45cm) and height 16 (40cm) cages per chicken (red-born chicken) = 72 b E. (464 BS, C).

(B) 12th (30 cm) x 16o (40 cm) and height 14 (30 cm) This white variety of chicken is 64 times. E. (415 B.C.C.). Mortality rate increases if space is less than the specified size.

The nature of the cage

A) Single dakha khchaa: In areas where there is hot, there is a single deck that is used for one-storied food. The cage is set up under a single wheel.

This cage is more suitable for providing food and water to the weather-controlled room or automatic system, collecting eggs and cleaning dirt.

B) Cage with two or two desks: On one cage, another meal should be placed in such a way that the chicken lining located on the bottom is directly on the floor below. Tin or plastic trays have to be used between the two floors. If the chicken closure is deposited on the tray, it is necessary to clear at least 3 days a week for both databases. The toilet is cleaned using automatic moving belt in between.

C) Three dakas attached to the cage: On one side, the other is placed in the form of a staircase. The chicken closet on the floor falls directly on the floor. At present, it is very popular in the organic farms which can be made as a multi-colonized cage. Moreover, cleaning the dirt using the tray below the cage on every floor means the wages are high.

Water and food utensils: There is a cage with a cage on the way of the caretaker’s walkway and hanging. Chickens insert water into the grill and drink water and eat food.

Cleaning of dirt: The closet is stored under the skin. Due to the abundant air circulation in the room, the closet can dry quickly. If the lime is spread over the accumulated latrines, it is soon dry and the odor is less. At present, one type of chemical product is available which can reduce the amount of fish poison and odor if spread. Gas production can be done by collecting the toilet and using it directly in the biogas plant.

Keeping Layer Chicken

3. Slat system:

Wood in the house by this method. Or make bamboo with bash. The chickens are stored on the Makar and the stools are stored directly under the floor. To set up the house of food pots, water pots, and M-para on Makar. There is so much chaat on the floor that the chicken legs. Do not get inside. In this method the house is clean and the chicken’s health is good. In this method, on the water the chickens can be made from the house.

4. Slat Litter system:

This is something in the house. The litter is used in the part and in the rest. There are water pots and food items on the floor. Chicken sleeps on top of the night. 18th on the floor (45 cm) high loft was installed. If the chicken is not covered under the floor, then the egg-laying box is placed in the gap between the loft and make, and the remaining part is closed. Benefits in this method, such as –

(A) There is no smell in the house.

(B) Egg production rates are high.

(C) The work is hard to clean the house.

(C) Caring is easy.

Place on chicken poultry on the floor: There is a space of 1.6 sqft (0.13 cm) per chicken. Usually, when the age of 18 weeks, the growing layer of chicken should be transferred to the egg-layered house.

Generally, eggs kept in chicken yielding eggs for 21-75 weeks. Therefore it is essential to arrange balanced food, pure water, rugged and clean environment for the highest number of egg production.

Egg collection and Grading:

Mechanical assortment of eggs is common in fashionable layer farms. It takes concerning twenty six hours for every egg to develop and every hen lays AN egg a bit later day after day. this is often not an explicit factor and most eggs ar ordered within the morning. Eggs ought to be collected frequently ANd transferred from the hen house to an egg area wherever they’re hierarchic or checked for weight and for broken shells. A sample of eggs is usually broken receptive check internal quality. Eggs ar packed into cartons for twelve eggs or trays of thirty eggs available. costs vary with egg size, therefore eggs should be separated on the idea of egg weight. this is often done mechanically by a machine referred to as AN egg critic.

Marketing of Eggs:

Eggs ar keep {in a|during a|in AN exceedingly|in a very} cool area at concerning 13oC and transported in an insulated truck. sadly, several retailers mercantilism eggs don’t store them beneath ideal conditions. within the home and look scenario, it’s best to store them at traditional icebox temperature (4-6oC). selling involves a variety of costs, reckoning on the various sizes of egg, totally different brands, or alternative variations which magnetize explicit patrons. unconfined and fat-modified eggs ar among the varieties obtainable.

Check Layer Vaccination


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