The Definition of Quail

The Definition of Quail

What is Quail ?

The quail could be a tiny to medium-sized, mysteriously colored bird. In its natural atmosphere, it’s found in bushy places, in rough biome, among agricultural crops, and in alternative places with dense cowl. It feeds on seeds, insects, and alternative tiny invertebrates.Being a for the most part ground-dwelling, gregarious bird, domestication of the quail wasn’t troublesome, though several of its wild instincts square measure maintained in captivity. it had been legendary to the Egyptians long before the arrival of chickens and was portrayed in hieroglyphs from 2575 BC. It migrated across Egypt in Brobdingnagian flocks and therefore the birds may generally be picked up off the bottom by hand.These were the common quail (Coturnix coturnix), however fashionable domesticated flocks square measure largely of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) that was most likely domesticated as early because the eleventh century AD in Japan. They were originally unbroken as songbirds, and that they square measure thought to own been often employed in song contests.

In the early twentieth century, Japanese breeders began to by selection breed for inflated egg production. By 1940, the quail egg trade was flourishing, however the events of war II diode to the whole loss of quail lines bred for his or her song kind, additionally as the majority of these bred for egg production. when the war, the few living domesticated quail were wont to build the trade, and every one current industrial and laboratory lines square measure thought of to own originated from this population.[33] fashionable birds will lay upward of three hundred eggs a year and countries like Japan, India, China, Italy, Russia, and therefore the u. s. have established industrial Japanese quail farming industries. Japanese quail also are employed in medical specialty analysis in fields like genetic science, embryology, nutrition, physiology, pathology, and toxicity studies.These quail square measure closely associated with the common quail, and lots of young hybrid birds square measure free into the wild every year to fill dwindling wild populations.


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