The Kinds Of Poultry

The Kinds Of Poultry

Poultry” could be a term used for any reasonably domesticated bird, captive-raised for its utility, and historically the word has been wont to talk to fowl (Galliformes) and waterbird (Anseriformes) however to not cagebirds like songbirds and parrots. “Poultry” will be outlined as domestic fowls, together with chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks, raised for the assembly of meat or eggs and therefore the word is additionally used for the flesh of those birds used as food.

The Encyclop√¶dia Britannica lists a similar bird team however conjointly includes fowl and squabs (young pigeons). In R. D. Crawford’s Poultry breeding and biological science, squabs area unit omitted however Japanese quail and customary pheasant area unit side to the list, the latter oftentimes being bred in captivity and discharged into the wild. In his 1848 classic book on poultry, decorative and Domestic Poultry: Their History, and Management, Edmund Dixon enclosed chapters on the pheasant, fowl, mute swan, turkey, numerous kinds of geese, the duck, different ducks and everyone kind of chickens together with bantams.


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