Types Of Pigeon

Types Of Pigeon

Types Of Pigeon

There are about two to three hundred species of Pigeon in the world of Pigeon. For the production of meat, silverworking, hamcacha, dauka, kaura, gunala, goli, pakka, traction etc. are notable. For the entertainers, there are pigeon peas, Siraji, Lahori, Fantasy, Jekedin, Muuk, Giribaj, Templorelotan. Also, in our country, one of the species of kabut mentioned is ‘Jalali Kabutar’. This name is associated with the merits of Hazrat Shahjalal (RA). There are varieties of multicolored varieties of Pigeon. There are more than 20 species of Pigeon known to our country. The following are some of the major varieties discussed below.

Gola Kobutar1. Gola:

The origin of this Pigeon is the Pak-India sub-continent. In our country, this species of Pigeon is abundant and it is quite popular for the meat. If they are built around the house then they automatically come here and live. Their letters are different grayed gray and barbed-blue colors. Their eyebright is dark red and the color of the feet is red in color.

Goal pigeons2. Goal:

Different types of goose-borne Pigeon from different species of pigeons. This species of Pigeon was quite popular in Lahore and India of Calcutta in Pakistan. They have feathers under their tails. The lips are small and the legs do not have hair. They are distinguished in different colors.

Tumblr pigeons3. Tumblr:

Tumblr says these Pigeons eat dagabajis in the sky. This species is known as Giribaj in our ten. Their origin is the Pak-India sub-continent. They have enough support in our country for entertaining.

Lotan pigeons4. Lotan:

Loton Kabutar is also called rolling Pigeon. As the Giribaj Pigeon eats dew on the ground, loton Pigeon dhababaji on the soil. This pigeon-shaped white pair has a pair of pigeons. Their eyes are dark pimples and legs fawn.

Lahori pigeons5. Lahori:

In our country, this pigeon is known as Shiraz Pigeon. Their origin lies in Lahore. The faces of the neck, chest, stomach, buttocks, legs and tail feathers are completely white from the sides of the eyes and from the head to the back of the throat and the fan is colored. Generally black, red, yellow, blue and silver etc. can be seen in the color of the Pigeon.

King Pigeons6. King:

Among the King’s Pigeon, White King and Silver King America have gained popular popularity among other European countries. The King Kabadhara Pigeon is used in the production and the production of squash (jhonchand kachcha). There are also Blue Red and Yellow Kings. This species of Pigeon is used mainly in the exhibition.

Fantasy Pigeons7. Fantasy:

It is the most ancient pigeon The origins of the phenal variety kabutare in India These varieties of Pigeon tail feathers can match the feathers as they are called fatal. Their color is largely white but it is also possible to create black, blue and yellow color fantasies. Their tail feathers are big and they are upstairs. The legs are covered with feathers. This type of pigeon is used in the exhibition and is very popular abroad.

Jacobin Pigeons8. Jacobin:

The feather of the pigeon is spread to the neck, which looks like a special kind of headache. Their origin is not known properly. However, it is believed that India is the original birthplace of India. This pigeon is usually white, red, yellow, blue and silver. Their body is very long. The eyes are white like pearls.

Mukhi Pigeons9. Mukhi:

The neck of this kind of Pigeon is swirling backwards and shivering like swans. The origin of the pigeon pea is believed to be originated in India. The three feathers of both wings are white, which is not seen in any other Pigeon. The pigeon’s head is white, the chest is not very wide, but it is extended to a higher and a little later. There is no hair on this pigeon foot, white, black and blue.


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